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Give Your Heat Pump A Good Start To The New Year

The beginning of the new year is a great time to kick off some new goals. For some of us this means reading more or getting out of the house more often. For others, this may mean less screen time or healthier eating habits.

Why not add improving your home comfort to the list?

We know that you can’t control the temperature in the house by yourself. That’s what your heat pump system is there for. If you are looking to get better home comfort this year, it means that you should be focusing on taking the best possible care of your heat pump that you can. Here’s what you need to know.

Remember to Schedule Maintenance

Heat pumps have a cool perk to offer: they can do the job of both your air conditioner and heater, all from one system. Don’t be fooled though. Just having one comfort system doesn’t mean that you’ll see half the amount of maintenance you used to.

The reality is that since the heat pump does the work of two systems, it needs tune-ups for both the cooling and heating seasons. Double the amount of work equals twice the number of maintenance services needed. If you haven’t got into the habit of getting tune-ups for your heat pump twice a year, then this is the year to make it a priority.

Be on the Alert for Repair Indicators

Just like any other system, you will eventually need a heat pump repair in Galloway, NJ at some point in your system’s lifespan. Repair needs aren’t a matter of “if” but rather a question of “when.” You’ll need to be equipped with the necessary information to figure out if your heat pump needs repairs so you can have them addressed quickly. Make sure to watch out for symptoms of heat pump issues which may include:

  • New, loud noises
  • Reduced heating or cooling
  • Weaker airflow
  • Signs of leaking fluid
  • Unpleasant smells

Keep Your System Filter Clean

The filter for your heat pump keeps dust and debris out of the interior components of the system. A clean air filter is one that can better protect your comfort system. Over time, your system filter can become clogged with too much debris and start to hinder your HVAC system more than it helps.

Make sure to change your filter regularly (once every few months) to keep this part of your system clean and beneficial.

Use Best Practices When Setting Your Thermostat

There is little point in running your heat pump beyond what it’s capable of providing. If the temperatures outside are freezing cold and you set your thermostat up in the 70s, it will really strain your system. On a cold day, try to keep your thermostat set to 68° or lower. This will keep the home comfortable without placing extra, unnecessary strain on your heat pump.

Your comfort is our business. Contact the experts at Elliott-McElwee, Inc. to schedule your heat pump maintenance or repairs. We’ll ensure your system gets the best start to the new year. 

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