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Give Yourself the Gift of Better Heating

What is a gift that everyone will enjoy? It’s likely you have more than one answer in your head but we want you to add a heater upgrade to that list.

Having reliable heating in your home is a great way to ensure that everyone stays comfortable during the coldest months of the year. We know it isn’t the most fun gift idea, but keeping your heater in working order is something everyone will be happy with.

If your heater has been struggling, the best gift you can give yourself and everyone in your home may be scheduling expert heating repair in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

When to Schedule Heater Repairs

Not sure if your heater needs expert service? If you notice any of these warning signs, the time for repairs has come!

  • Noises. How noisy has your heater been lately? If it has created some new noises that concern you, we’d advise getting your system examined. Sounds like rattling, screeching, clanging, hissing, or buzzing can all be indicators of trouble.
  • Smells. If you notice some concerning smells when you run your heater, then it’s also a good reason to reach out for professional service. Smells such as rotten eggs, sulfur, burning dust, acrid odors, or even musty scents can indicate a variety of issues.
  • Cold air. A heater that is producing cold air is a heater that has a malfunction. Maybe you have an issue with the gas supply in your furnace or there is a leak in your heat pump’s refrigerant line. Whatever the cause, you are without a source of warmth. We can help fix that.
  • Short cycles. The heater turns on, runs for a few minutes, and then turns back off even though the house is still cold. This is known as short cycling which is extremely hard on your system. Try to address this issue sooner than later to reduce the impact on your system’s lifespan.
  • Airflow. When your heating system runs it should produce air that is warm along with a steady, strong flow of air. If it doesn’t, weakened airflow is an issue. This may mean you have a fan problem or even a leak in your ductwork that needs to be patched.
  • Energy bills. Make sure to check your energy bills. A huge spike in your energy bill that doesn’t match your system usage can be a sign that your heater is struggling to do its job.

Don’t ignore strange developments with your heater! Any of these warning signs are worth a call to a professional.

How Expert Service Benefits You

The cost of a heater repair may be something you are wary of. We understand but we want you to know that expert service pays off in the long run. This is because you get the benefits of:

  • Protection. Licensed technicians are insured too. If anything goes wrong with the repair, your system and your home are protected.
  • Tools. A technician will show up with the right tools to get the job done.
  • Expertise. When you work with a trained professional, you get the benefit of working with someone who knows what they’re doing.

Ready to get your heater back in working order? Schedule your next heating system repair with Elliott-McElwee, Inc. Your comfort is our business! 

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