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Jon Poshywak, This week

Just moved into a new home. HVAC system is new(er), however, a very cold morning caused the drainage pump for one of our condensation pumps to freeze. Elliott-McElwee team (Gary) answered the early call (7am) and had the technician (Dean) who is familiar with our house in less than 3 hours to address the issue. Fantastic service and looking forward to working with Elliott-McElwee for proper care and maintenance of our HVAC system moving forward.

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Colton Scotti, Last week

Just awesome. They always help us out, Dean is the man. We are so thankful for them. Got to us quick and got the issue sorted out. They are my go to. Very grateful!

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John W, Last week

***************************** HVAC PKA !!!!Professional, Knowledgeable, Approachable!Communicate the project, repair in a clear, concise easy to understand manner.Prices are reasonable compared what's out there!Been through some real rip-offs with 8 properties!Starting to use them exclusively, making them travel! Using company since 2010!

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Robin Peterson-Brown, Last month

My experience was wonderful. Arrived on time. They were knowledgeable with the installation. Very polite and they explained what they were doing, which put me at ease. I received a lesson with the new thermostat, I was able to set the temperature. They left everything clean and in order.

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Brian Andrew, Last month
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Frank Punzo, This year
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Shellie Lewis, This year
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Melinda Morsa, This year
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Miranda Noguez, This year

This company is very professional and knowledgeable. Charles and Brandon were awesome, they took the time to speak with us about what was done, how to operate and change things. Shannon worked outside on the unit in the middle of 104 degree day. She was nice too. Brandon took the time to explain to us how to use our new touch thermostat system and gave us key pointers for the filter and how to keep our system efficient for years to come. I will definitely recommend this company to many people!

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JWF Ventures, This year

Brandon, was here at 9:00 in the morning and stayed until 8:30 at night and never lost a smile on his face. Not to mention his ability to solve problems without losing his patience in the process and being able to determine the most efficient ways of dealing with an older home with a system that had to be adapted to a house that has had additions put on it over the years. Absolutely outstanding service and quality and professionalism. In addition to the others that came to help during the day the entire experience was fantastic.