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Bad Ducts Can Undermine Your Home Comfort

Ductwork is the delivery system of your heating and cooling system. While the thermostat gives directions and your heater or AC helps to adjust the temperature of the air, all of this doesn’t mean much if there is no way to distribute the air. That’s why your ducts are so important and why duct problems are a bigger issue than most people realize.

How Ducts Get Into Trouble

To be fair, your ducts encounter trouble that comes to them; they don’t seek it out. Ductwork is going to serve you throughout the year. It is used whenever you run your AC and heater (the only exception being when you use a radiant heater instead of a ducted forced-air heater). Over time, that regular use can lead the ductwork to wear down, sometimes causing cracks, leaks, or holes.

Why Leaky Ducts Are a Problem

If your ductwork develops leaks, you can think of it like a leak in a water pipe. No, you won’t have a risk of water damage. However, it is going to end up costing you.

Even small holes and leaks in your ducts can allow a good deal of air to escape, seriously undermining the effectiveness and efficiency of your AC or heating system. It is estimated that leaky ductwork can be the source of a loss of up to 30% of your temperature-controlled air. A leak in your ductwork can cause problems such as:

  • Longer run times for your heater or air conditioner
  • Reduced comfort in some or all parts of the house
  • Reduced indoor air quality from the incursion of unfiltered air
  • Increased energy bills from HVAC systems running longer

Don’t be fooled. They may be small but duct leaks can have a big impact on your daily life. Much like with a pipe leak though, there is a solution that a professional team can provide: duct sealing.

The Solution: Duct Sealing

Our team provides duct sealing in Vineland, NJ and the surrounding areas. We offer this service because it is a necessary one for nearly every household at least once over the years.

If and when you start to notice weakened airflow in your home or a whistling noise when the air is running, it may mean you need to have your ducts checked for leaks. If leaks or holes are found by one of our technicians, we can provide duct sealing that effectively closes up the breach in the ductwork.

Trust us when we tell you that this is far better than trying to stop the holes with duct tape. Despite the name, duct tape is not made for helping your ductwork. In fact, using duct tape on your ventilation system can lead to further damage and even cause a need for larger repairs or replacement.

If something goes wrong with your ductwork, we can help. Contact the team at Elliott-McElwee, Inc. to schedule your duct services. Your comfort is our business. 

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