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Combat Wildfire Smoke and Pollution with Air Purifier Installation

Wildfires can have a negative impact on homes, even from hundreds of miles away. If you have noticed changes in your indoor air quality following recent wildfires, it may be time to invest in air purifier installation in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

A whole house  air purifier is the best way to combat poor indoor air quality, especially when it is caused by wildfire smoke. Keep reading to learn why your indoor air quality may still be suffering even after wildfires are put out. 

Dangers of Wildfire Smoke

Wildfire smoke is particularly bad for your health because dangerous particles are in the air in such a massive quantity. There is always pollution in the air around us to some degree. You breathe in chemicals, car pollution, and even mold and mildew spores every single day. The difference is that those particles are usually in the air in a very low concentration.

With wildfire smoke, so many particles can enter your lungs that they begin to absorb and spread throughout your body enough to cause inflammation and even allergy and illness symptoms. When these particles enter your home, they can make their way into your HVAC system and into the ductwork where they continue mixing in with clean air to blow back out into your home. 

Wildfires may be gone, but they’re becoming more common across the US and you might be dealing with the same situation next summer. Air purifiers also clean your air 365 days a year to eliminate other common pollutants.

Air Purifier Benefits

An air purifier can help eliminate more than 99% of all harmful particles in your home, including those from wildfire smoke. A whole house air purifier gets installed in your home inside of your existing HVAC system where all of the air has to pass by before blowing out into your home.

Air purifiers can work in one of two ways. Either they have a HEPA-rated filter that is designed to capture even microscopic particles in the air, or a UV light that neutralizes particles so they are no longer harmful. 

An air purifier works around the clock to clean your air so you never have to wonder if the air in your home is clean or not. After we install a whole house air purifier, it may take half a day or so for you to notice a difference in the air quality. But your air will quickly feel lighter and fresher. Once particles are completely eliminated from the air, your air purifier will continue working to remove harmful particles continuously. 

The one maintenance task that you need to plan on completing for your air purifier is scheduling an appointment with our team to either change out the filter or UV light once a year. We usually complete this service during annual air conditioner or heater maintenance.

Your comfort is our business. Contact Elliott-McElwee Heating and Cooling today to schedule your appointment for air purifier installation.

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