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Is Your Heater Haunted? 5 Sounds It Shouldn’t Make

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Hearing unusual sounds coming from your heater can be extra spooky during the Halloween season. No matter what unusual heater sound you hear or how often you hear it, you need to call and schedule service for your system. Allowing these unusual sounds to continue on can exacerbate problems and lead to more extensive repair needs that can be truly terrifying.

Instead of scheduling a tune-up, you may be left scheduling heat repair in Galloway, NJ. You can keep reading to learn more about which sounds your heater shouldn’t make and why. Then give us a call to schedule service sooner rather than later to stay ahead of a heater breakdown this winter season.


If you have a gas heater, then a loud booming sound is particularly concerning. This sound can occur when your heater is first turned on for a heating cycle. The cause is too much gas building up inside of the combustion chamber and leading to a small explosion once the pilot light finally ignites. 

This occurrence increases the pressure in the combustion chamber. When it happens repeatedly, it can lead to damage that is bad enough to require your heater to be completely replaced. When you hear booming at the start of a heating cycle and you it’s a gas-powered system, you need to turn off your unit and call for service.

Clanking or Clanging

When you hear the sound coming from your heater, it’s a sign that one metal component is knocking against another during operation. One of the most common occurrences for clanging or clanking to happen is when a fan is loose or a fan blade is bent. Allowing the sound to continue is only going to make the problem worse. It will not go away on its own.


Buzzing sound can be very similar to a clanking or clanging sound. The difference is that a buzzing sound can indicate that a much smaller component is loose. For example, a bolt or screw that is loose might make a buzzing sound as it vibrates during operation. The vibration will only lead to the component loosening more and more as time passes. 

However, buzzing can also indicate electrical problems in some cases. It’s always better to be safe and have your heater looked at when you hear a buzzing sound. It could be a small problem, but it could also be a big one that poses safety hazards in addition to impacting heater operation

Your comfort is our business. Contact Elliott-McElwee Heating and Cooling today to schedule your appointment for heater service.

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