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Don’t Ignore Poor Airflow


On a cold day, there is nothing quite so satisfying as walking indoors and feeling yourself enveloped by warm air. In many cases, this provides an immediate feeling of relief and comfort. This makes it all the more apparent when something is wrong with your home heating system. You expect to walk into that nice warm environment and instead find yourself disappointed by a lukewarm or cold room.

What is to blame? Is something up with your heater or did someone forget to turn it on perhaps? There are plenty of reasons why your home heating system may malfunction. We want to focus on just one for today: poor airflow.

What Is Messing With Your Home Airflow?

Poor airflow can refer to the flow of air into or out of your heater. Both heat pumps and furnaces are forced-air systems that require a steady and strong flow of air to get the job done. So, if something is hindering the flow of air for your heater it is going to impact your comfort pretty quickly. Here are some potential causes of poor airflow that you should know about:

  • A clogged filter: The filter for your heater is responsible for keeping dirt dust and other airborne debris out of the internal components of your system. Over time, that debris starts to build up and can clog your filter. The end result will hinder air from getting into your heater to be warmed up.
  • Problems with your fan: Heaters utilize one or more fans to pull air in and then push it into your home once it has been heated. If something is wrong with your blower fan motor, it can slow down or even stop that flow of air.
  • Ductwork problems: If you have a system that uses ductwork to deliver warm air throughout your home, you need your ductwork to be in the best condition possible. Dirty ducts or ducts that have multiple leaks or holes can create a big problem for your home comfort.

How Poor Airflow Hurts Your HVAC Systems

Poor airflow is obviously going to impede your home comfort during the winter. Of course, it will also mess with things during the summer so taking care of it sooner than later is beneficial at all times of the year. But for now, we’re just focusing on heating.

The thing is, if there is poor airflow going into or out of your HV AC system it won’t just mess with your comfort. It can also harm your heater. Here are some negative impacts poor airflow can have:

  • Poor efficiency: Poor airflow makes it harder for your heater to warm your home up. This usually results in a reduction in your system’s energy efficiency as it uses extra electricity and or fuel to try to get the job done  
  • Risks of overheating: If your heater is not able to pull in enough air to warm up for your home it can be at risk of overheating which can cause damage to the system
  • Increased repair needs: Poor efficiency, higher energy use, and the extra strain on your heater are likely to result in the increased need for Vineland heater repairs.

Don’t ignore weak airflow coming from your vents. Reach out to our team to address the problem before it takes a toll on your heater

Contact Elliott-McElwee, Inc. today. Your comfort is our business 

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