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Why You Should Schedule AC Maintenance ASAP

We know what you might be thinking. It feels a bit premature to be discussing maintenance for your air conditioner. It certainly doesn’t feel like you’re going to be using that system anytime soon, right? The truth is while it may be chilly this week that can change pretty quickly. And when it does, you want your air conditioner to be prepared to keep you cool without a high cost.

Early AC maintenance in Egg Harbor Township, NJ is going to ensure that your system is ready when the heat turns up around here. What’s more, it’s going to save you a lot of trouble in the long run because you won’t have to worry about getting this service done when you need your system the most. Our team wants you to know some of the best reasons to schedule AC maintenance sooner than later.

Why You Should Knock Out Maintenance ASAP

Imagine this. You wait a month or so to schedule AC maintenance and you get an appointment but the temperatures are already on the rise. Your technician shows up on an especially warm day when you really want to use your AC but you have to wait until the job is done. It isn’t an ideal situation and you should know that it is avoidable. Scheduling maintenance early can help you avoid trouble like this and it will always benefit your comfort. Here’s how:

  • Energy efficiency: One of the best perks about maintenance is that it helps your air conditioner use energy more efficiently. This means lower bills without costing you an ounce of comfort. It makes your system more eco-friendly, too.
  • Cooling effectiveness: Which do you think would work better an air conditioner with a clogged filter and a dirty evaporator coil or one that is clean and pristine? The answer should be a little obvious. Keeping your system clean and optimized is a part of our maintenance service which will help your system do its job to the best of its ability.
  • Repair needs: Maintenance is a yearly service that addresses a multitude of seemingly small issues one of the benefits of this is that it prevents those issues from escalating into repair needs. In translation, regular maintenance can help to keep your system repairs to a minimum.
  • System lifespan: Regular maintenance can help to reduce the impact that regular wear and tear have on your AC system. This can help it last longer than it might have otherwise.

Sweeten the Deal With Our Maintenance Program

Maintenance services come with plenty of perks. But you can make things even better when you sign up for our maintenance program. Signing up for our planned service agreements will offer additional benefits like:

  • Twice yearly tune-ups for your systems
  • Labor warranties
  • Priority service all year long
  • A 10% discount on replacement parts and labor for repairs

If you are lookinng to make the most of your investment in your HVAC systems, maintenance will help you do just that.

Contact the team at Elliott-McElwee, Inc. to schedule an appointment. Your comfort is our business.

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