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Give Your Heater A Great Start With a Tune-Up


The heat is finally starting to let up which is getting a lot of us into the holiday mood. Whether you are hosting a small family gather at your home or simply planning to spend some extra hours with loved ones on the couch, you will need to make sure your home will be safe and cozy when temperatures drop.

The best way to ensure that your home environment is optimally comfortable this season is to get your heater a great start with a yearly tune-up. Maintenance is an important service that helps prepare your heater for the job it will be facing in the coming months.

5 Ways That Maintenance Helps Your Heater

Whether it is your first heating season in Egg Harbor Township or your 10th, we want to make sure that you know that maintenance is vital to your heater. While this service may not seem like it can make that much of a difference, a yearly-tune-up can actually make or break your home comfort.

Not sure how maintenance services make a difference for your heater? Let us give you more information.

  1. A tune-up improves safety. Chances are that you have a furnace in your home that keeps you warm and cozy all season. Yearly tune-ups will address issues that can pop up in your system that would otherwise create safety issues.
  2. Maintenance improves energy efficiency. Without maintenance, your heater is likely to lose a certain percentage of its energy efficiency each year. However, scheduling maintenance services with a professional will ensure that your heater maintains a better level of efficiency.
  3. Maintenance reduces repair needs. When a technician performs your yearly tune-up they will be able to address multiple issues before they escalate into repair needs. Whether it is a clogged filter, a dirty heat exchanger, or a loose part, maintenance will help to fix these small problems before they worsen.
  4. A tune-up can keep energy bills low. When your heater doesn’t need to struggle against poor airflow or loose parts, it will use energy and fuel more efficiently. This will help to keep your energy bills more predictable and affordable.
  5. Yearly tune-ups increase your system lifespan. Last but not least, maintenance helps your heater last much longer than it would otherwise. This is because this service reduces the impact that regular use has on your system. Rather than barely making it to the 10-year mark, your heater is far more likely to last closer to 15 years.

When you need a team to turn to for your annual heating maintenance in Egg Harbor Township, you can turn to our team. We’ve served residents in this area since 1980 and we have become well-known for our great customer service.

If you want to make the most of your annual maintenance, you can sign up for our maintenance plan, the Annual Planned Service Agreement. What’s more, we are currently offering 10% off your service call.

Get the most out of your heater this season and beyond with our help. Contact Elliott-McElwee, Inc. to schedule an appointment. Your comfort is our business 

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