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Do You Need a New Thermostat?

You may be facing some comfort trouble lately. Maybe you are noticing that your heater is wrapping up the season in poor condition. Or perhaps you’ve done a test or two on your AC and you can tell something isn’t working right. The thing to remember is that these problems may have nothing to do with your systems themselves and everything to do with your thermostat.

Before you schedule that late-season furnace repair in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, make sure to get your thermostat checked out. An issue with your thermostat can impact your heater and air conditioner equally, ruining your comfort.

Which Issues Indicate Thermostat Issues

All too often, people forget that their thermostat may actually be the source of their problem with their home comfort. So, if you are struggling with your furnace lately, make sure to double-check for these indicators that the problem may not be with your furnace at all!

  1. Short cycling: Have you noticed that your furnace seems to run in shorter spurts lately, even after you turn the temperature on the thermostat down? This is known as short cycling and may be due to a thermostat issue.
  2. A delayed response from the thermostat: When you turn on your thermostat or try to turn it on, does it respond immediately? Or do you have to wait a little while for it to react to your activity? If there is a delay with your thermostat’s response, it may mean it needs repairs or a replacement.
  3. Temperature settings that change on their own: You have the temperature setting that you want on your thermostat but then, when you check it a few minutes later, it has changed by itself. This is a problem that is worth calling a technician to check out.
  4. Discrepancies in temperature detection: Another issue that may indicate there is a problem with your thermostat is when there is an obvious discrepancy in the temperature reading. You know it isn’t above 60-degrees but your thermostat is saying it is 65! Have a technician check your thermostat when this kind of problem occurs.
  5. Poor comfort control and high energy bills: You are dealing with some really uncomfortable days and nights lately all while paying for energy bills that make it seem as if you are trying to turn your home into a sauna. This isn’t normal and it is worth a call for professional service.
  6. Your thermostat is clearly old: An older thermostat that is paired with a newer comfort system is going to reduce its efficiency and effectiveness. If you can visually see the fact that your thermostat is over 10 to 15 years old, it is worth getting it replaced to improve your comfort and energy use.

If you are struggling with your furnace because of a thermostat issue, getting it repaired is going to help you now and in the months to come. Any issues created by a faulty thermostat now are inevitably going to hinder your AC too unless you get the problem resolved with expert service.

Whether it is a furnace repair, a thermostat upgrade, or even AC maintenance, you can rely on us. Contact Elliott-McElwee, Inc. for your next service appointment. Your comfort is our business 

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