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What AC System Works Best For Your Home?


Have you been dealing with a window AC and you’re finally ready for an upgrade? Or maybe you have an older AC system that has finally broken down and you are in the market for a replacement. Whatever your situation you were on the hunt for a new air conditioning unit and we want to help. Selecting an air conditioning unit can be a relatively simple process as long as you know what you are looking for

Don’t just select the 1st AC unit you find. Want to choose the system that is going to best meet your home’s comfort needs. check out the helpful information we’ve provided below to help you select your next cooling system.

The Old Guard: A Central Air Conditioner

Central air conditioners have been around for a good long while and that is because they are great at what they do. These systems are going to be ideal for anyone looking to cool an entire home and keep it cool on even the hottest of days. Central AC units are able to keep larger spaces comfortable without trouble. Even better, today’s central AC’s are made to be more efficient than their predecessors which means that you’re going to save money without sacrificing comfort

Two-for-One Comfort: The Heat Pump

If you have not heard of a heat pump we would love to tell you a little bit about these wonderful comfort systems. Heat pumps operate similarly to air conditioners in that they cycle refrigerant in order to create cold air. With that said a heat pump is able to offer comfort year-round because due to its ability to reverse the flow of refrigerant it can also provide heat in the winter. We know that’s not your concern as we enter summer but it is a great benefit if you are looking for a heating unit as well. Heat pumps are well known for being highly efficient and taking up a little less space than their central AC counterparts.

The Small Space Solution—a Ductless System

What are you to do if you do not have space in your home for something as large as a central AC? What if you barely have room for a heat pump? There is a solution, not to worry. You can still enjoy optimal comfort with a ductless heat pump. Ductless systems are able to provide year-round comfort because they are heat pumps but are able to do so without the use of ductwork. This means they need a lot less upkeep and a lot less space.

When it comes to choosing a system for air conditioning in Somers Point, NJ you want to take your own comfort needs into account. What price range are you able to look into? How much space do you have? What are your cooling needs? There is a lot to consider and we can help you with all of it. Our team is happy to guide you through the process of selecting a new AC unit for your home and then providing professional installation when you’re ready.

Your comfort is our business. Schedule your HVAC services with the professionals at Elliott-McElwee, Inc. to enjoy expert workmanship and quality customer care.

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