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Why Invest in a Dehumidifier?

Humidity is going to be a factor to consider when you’re trying to determine how you might improve your home comfort. Too much and your home turns into a sauna. Too little and things feel cold and itchy.

Today, we are focusing on how to handle the problem of too much airborne moisture in your home. Thinking ahead, you already know that extra humidity plus high temperatures will make things miserable indoors this summer. This is why our team can install dehumidifiers in Vineland, NJ.

Read on to learn more about this whole home indoor air quality solution.

Where Your Humidity Level Should Be

We can talk all day about how uncomfortable high humidity can make things. However, it helps to understand what the ideal range is for your airborne moisture level. After all, you don’t want too little humidity because this causes comfort trouble too.

Ideally, the level of humidity in your home should be between 30% and 50%. More than this and things feel muggy; less than this and everything feels far too dry.

The Impact of Excess Humidity on Your Home

As we head toward spring and summer, it’s obvious that we will soon be faced with the killer combination of high heat and high humidity. If the humidity level in your house gets too high, it’ll start having a negative impact on your home comfort and even the integrity of your home. These problems include:

  • Reduced comfort: Excess airborne moisture is going to make it far harder for your AC unit to cool things down.
  • Staining in the house: Too much humidity can lead to moisture collecting on doors, windows, or walls which may lead to water staining.
  • Increased mold risks: Certain kinds of mold love warm, moist areas. A humid home may be prone to mold growth.

How a Dehumidifier Helps

The question is how best to handle the extra humidity that may get into your household. There are plenty of ways to try to combat some of that humidity but the best way to tackle it is with a whole house solution. In this case, that solution comes in the form of a whole house dehumidifier.

This system is installed within your ductwork where it can process all of the air that blows through your ductwork and into your home. As the air enters the dehumidifier it will remove as much excess humidity as possible. As this occurs, the airborne moisture level will go down until it’s within the ideal range. This will help to improve your comfort and even help improve your AC efficiency throughout the season.

If you’re trying to improve your home comfort level, then taking your indoor air quality is going to be a great help. Get ahead of the heatwave by getting a whole house dehumidifier installed so you can have optimal control over your indoor comfort.

You can come to our team for an effective installation that will ensure you enjoy a comfortable home. Let’s work together to make your home a safe haven from the heat.

Schedule your dehumidifier installation and any other home comfort services with Elliott-McElwee, Inc. Your comfort is our business!

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