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The Impact of Dirty Ducts

Having clean ductwork in your home will make a bigger difference for your home’s comfort than you may think. In fact, you may not even realize that the cleanliness of your ductwork plays a role in your overall comfort.

The truth is that your ducts can collect a large amount of debris in them over time. And eventually, that level of debris will get bad enough that it can create some negative impacts on your home. Thankfully we provide duct cleaning in Egg Harbor Township, NJ which can help you address this problem.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about dirty ducts and the importance of duct cleaning.

“How Dirty Are My Ducts?”

Well, that depends,

Dirty ductwork isn’t something that happens overnight. It also isn’t something you can really prevent. Most airborne contaminants are extremely small and, even with a good filter in place, some of them make it into your ducts.

The condition of your ductwork can depend on your overall indoor air quality, the condition of your home, what condition the ducts themselves are in, and whether or not you’ve ever gotten duct cleaning before.

If the house is 30+ years old with ducts that have never been cleaned, they likely have a good deal of debris inside of them.

“Do I Need Duct Cleaning Every Year?”


Duct cleaning isn’t like maintenance. This is an “as needed” service rather than a “regularly scheduled” one. It is advisable to check your ductwork to see if duct cleaning is needed beforehand but, on average, this service is really only needed every three years or so.

That said, if you do find that you need duct cleaning every year, you may want to start asking what condition your ductwork is in!

“What Happens If I Don’t Get My Ducts Cleaned?”

Rest assured, your AC unit isn’t going to break down if you haven’t had your ducts cleaned in the last decade. However, it may not be providing the best level of comfort or efficiency that it could!

Dirty ductwork can actually start to cause problems as it gets worse. These problems can include:

  • Weakened airflow into the rooms in your house
  • Reduced overall comfort throughout the year
  • Increased allergies and respiratory issues
  • Dirty air blowing out of your vents
  • Increased risk of mold growth (mold loves cool, dirty areas like ductwork)

“Can I Clean My Ductwork Myself?”

We understand and respect that many people love to try their hands at DIY projects to save some cash. But this isn’t one of those situations.

Ductwork is very delicate and if the wrong tools or methods are used you can end up damaging them which is another costly service to take care of. Duct cleaning is something best left to the professionals like the ones on our team. You can trust us to provide effective service that leaves your ductwork clean without dirtying your home.

Your comfort is our business! Contact Elliott-McElwee, Inc. today to schedule your duct cleaning needs.

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