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How Are Your Ducts Doing?

Ever driven on a bad road? Bumpy pavement, potholes, and tree roots can make a stretch of asphalt pretty hard to handle, even if you were in a good off-roading vehicle. This means that it will take longer to get to your destination and the journey certainly won’t be pleasant. If the road is bad enough you may even have to give up and turn around without reaching your destination. The same concept applies to your ductwork and its role in getting cool air in your home.

Much like how a bad road can make it near-impossible for you to reach your destination, dirty or leaking ductwork can create the same hindrance for the cool air your AC produces. This is why keeping your ductwork in good shape is so important. We keep every aspect of your home comfort in mind which is why duct sealing and repair are some of the HVAC services in Vineland, NJ that we offer. Learn more below.

Your ducts are the pathways that the cold air produced takes to get to the different areas in your home. Without your ductwork, your AC can run all day long but you won’t feel any cooler. Likewise, if your ductwork is in bad shape it won’t exactly benefit your comfort level.

It is easy to say that you want to keep your ductwork in good condition. However, that is a bit harder to actually accomplish if a problem arises. Your ducts are housed within your walls attic or crawl space so you can’t exactly look at them to see if they are leaking or have excessive amounts of dirt inside of them. That’s where we come in. Our team provides great duct services that can address any issues within your ductwork so you can enjoy optimal airflow again.

Duct Cleaning for Dirt Build-Up

Did you know that the ducts in your home can get dirty? It doesn’t happen immediately but over time your ductwork will collect a hefty layer of dirt, dust, fur, and other airborne debris. That layer of debris can hinder the flow which will ruin your comfort and can add extra strain on your AC system.

Our duct cleaning services address all that debris and get rid of it without harming your ductwork.

Duct Sealing for Air Leaks

If your ductwork develops leaks or holes, it is going to be a big problem for your air conditioner and your home’s efficiency. Those leaks allow cool, clean air to escape into your walls or crawlspaces before it reaches its intended destination. The end result is that your airflow gets weaker and it will take much longer to get the house cooled off, increasing your energy use and increasing the stress on your AC.

Professional duct sealing can find and seal those leaks. This keeps that lovely cool air in your ducts and flowing into your house, preventing it from being wasted.

So. How are your ducts doing? If you think your ducts need a helping hand, we are here to provide.

Your comfort is our business. Contact Elliott-McElwee, Inc. to schedule an appointment.

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