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5 Indicators That You Are Due For a New Thermostat


Thermostats are vital to your home comfort.

Think of it like this. You and your air conditioner speak two completely different languages and your thermostat serves as a translator. With this system, your AC understands what it needs to do and when.

So what happens when your thermostat runs into trouble? Well in some cases, your thermostat may just need a break. In other cases though, your thermostat isn’t going to be able to do its job.

Needing a new thermostat is something that you need to take care of quickly. We’re here to help get you started by teaching you the signs that warn you it’s time to upgrade.

These 5 Signs Mean It’s Time To Upgrade Your Thermostat

Look into getting an upgrade for your thermostat in Egg Harbor Township if you notice these warning signs.

  1. It’s old. Just as an AC system or heater has a limited number of years that it can operate at its best, so to a thermostat has a limit. If your thermostat is between 10 to 15 years old then it is time to consider getting a new one.
  2. It can’t detect the temperature. Your thermostat needs to be able to figure out what the temperature is in your home. If your thermostat can’t accomplish this first step then it won’t be able to provide the right instructions to your AC unit either.
  3. It wasn’t replaced with your last system upgrade. Have you replaced your AC or heater in the past several years? Whenever you upgrade one of your HVAC systems, you also need to make sure that you change out your thermostat too. Pairing a new HVAC system with an older thermostat is going to undermine your system efficiency.
  4. It isn’t responding. When you go to change the temperature on the thermostat, is there a delay in the response? Or maybe, even worse, the thermostat doesn’t respond at all. If this sounds familiar, then you absolutely need to upgrade your thermostat
  5. You want to upgrade. At the end of the day, if you want to upgrade your thermostat, then you should be able to. You should be able to come to our team when you want to upgrade, especially if you are looking for a thermostat that will help improve your comfort and efficiency.

Consider Your Options With Our Help

Our team is here to help with every aspect of your home comfort. This means that we don’t just look at ensuring you have a good air conditioner in place. We also look to ensure that you have the best thermostat on hand in order to give you the best level of control too.

We work with wireless and smart thermostats. When we install one of these systems into your home in a timely manner so that you can get your home comfort under control again. What’s more one of these systems can even help to improve the efficiency of your comfort systems.

Contact Elliott-McElwee, Inc. to schedule your thermostat upgrade today. Your comfort is our business!

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