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Your Heating Troubles May Lie With Your Thermostat


As we get further into the new year, most of us are trying to readjust to our new patterns. Things still haven’t quite gotten back to normal but if nothing else that just means you have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort that your heater provides. The problem is that your heater hasn’t been up to par lately.

The issue won’t resolve itself, trust us. If your heating system hasn’t been working correctly you’ll want to reach out to us to discuss scheduling a heating repair in Northfield, NJ. We will identify what the problem is and get it fixed so you can enjoy a warm home again.

Your Heating Trouble May Not Be Due to a Heater Malfunction

When something goes wrong with the heating for your home it is easy to blame the heater. But sometimes your heat pump or furnace isn’t the one to blame. It might be your thermostat at fault!

We encounter this quite often in the work we do. It is a common mix-up because most people point the finger at their heater first. After all it can be tough to tell when your thermostat is the one causing trouble. With that said, let us give you a bit more info on some indicators that you may actually need service for your thermostat rather than your heating system:

  • Increasing energy bills: Your energy bills can tell you a lot about what is going on with your HVAC system. Seeing the usual bills you’d expect is what you want to see. Increases that don’t reflect your use of your heating system can often be a sign of trouble.
  • Short cycling heater: If your thermostat is reading the temperature of the home incorrectly, it may cause your heater to short cycle. Interrupted or shortened heating cycles are extremely hard on your system and can lead to extra repair needs for your heater. Make sure to check your thermostat to see if this is the cause of the short cycling.
  • Clicking noises: You may hear some clicking when you turn on your heater which is normal. The problem arises when you hear that clicking noise for a longer amount of time. Extended clicking noises may indicate a thermostat that is having trouble with its connection or some other issue.
  • Your thermostat is always “off”: You can feel the fact that the house is cold but your thermostat disagrees and says that things are at a more pleasant temperature. You aren’t losing your mind-but your thermostat may be losing its ability to detect temperatures correctly.
  • The thermostat has a delayed response: Your thermostat should respond pretty quickly when you turn in on to boot up the heater. A delay from your thermostat or, worse, no response at all, signals trouble for this appliance.

If you’ve been struggling to stay warm lately, don’t just try to get by. Reach out for professional service as soon as you can. Whether this issue lies in your heater or in your thermostat, we have the experience and the tools to get it fixed quickly and effectively.

Schedule your repairs with Elliott-McElwee, Inc. Your comfort is our business.

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