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The Importance Of Changing Your Heater’s Filter

It is a good idea to look for different things you can do to help keep your heater in good condition. Any system for heating in Vineland needs a little assistance to keep itself running effectively and efficiently.

Let’s be clear here though. Any serious service for your heater should be taken care of by a professional only. But this doesn’t mean your hands are tied. There are certain tasks that individuals like you can accomplish to ensure the proper function of your system.

One such task that is highly important to help your heater is to change your system filter regularly. If you didn’t know this before, let’s discuss why this is such a vital task to take care of.

What Does the Air Filter Do?

There is a common misconception that the air filter of your HVAC system is meant to keep the air flowing into your home clean. While your system filter certainly doesn’t reduce your indoor air quality, this isn’t its main purpose.

The HVAC filter is meant to help keep dirt and debris out of the interior of your heater (and your AC in the summertime). This helps keep the system’s internal components clean and protects it from the impact of too much debris build-up.

Why a Clean Filter Is Vital To Your Home Comfort

You should have a filter in place that’s in good condition as much as possible. This part of your heating system is meant to get dirty but it shouldn’t stay that way for too long, otherwise, it will become a problem-causer rather than a helper.

If you don’t change out or clean your filter frequently enough, it can hinder your system in some of the following ways:

  • A dirty filter slows down airflow into your heater, reducing your comfort.
  • A dirty filter can allow extra debris to get into your heating system and create trouble.
  • A dirty filter will increase strain on your system and increase energy bills.

Keeping A Clean Filter In Place

You now know what your air filter does and why it is important to ensure that you keep a clean filter in place. The question is, how do you do that exactly?

Firstly, find out where your HVAC filter is located. Once this is done, it is time to build some new habits! Check your filter regularly, every month is advisable. This way you will always know when your filter is due to be changed. Depending on your use of your system and your indoor air quality, filter changes should be made every one to three months to ensure maximum system efficiency and effectiveness.

Whether it is a filter change or a larger repair need, you can always come to the team at Elliott-McElwee, Inc. for the services you need. Our goal is to help keep your HVAC system in the best possible condition so you can enjoy the best possible home comfort level.

Schedule your system services with Elliott-McElwee, Inc. Your comfort is our business!

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