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Do You Need a New Heater?

You wouldn’t want to try to get through the fall, winter, and early spring without a working heater. Maybe you have a heating system but it isn’t working well. Or perhaps you don’t have a heater at all. In either case, you need to look for a professional to perform an expert heating system installation in Linwood.

The question is how do you know when you need a new heater for your home? If you don’t have one already, the answer is easy. However, if you have a heater that has been serving your home for a while, you might not be sure how to tell when it is time to let go. Here are some indicators you should get started on your heater replacement.

Indicators That You Need a New Heater

Do you need a heater replacement in Linwood? Here are the signs that will tell you that it is time to get ready to retire your current system.

  1. Your energy bills are extremely high. How are your energy bills doing lately? Have you noticed that they are going up far too high? If so, then it may be a sign that your heater isn’t running effectively anymore. Make sure to keep track of your monthly totals and if they are constantly too high, reach out to a technician.
  2. You smell something odd when you use the heater. Does running your heater stink up your house? It may create a pervasive scent of burning dust, a dirty sock smell, or even the smell of burning electrical parts. None of these are normal scents to come by so make sure to have your system checked.
  3. You need frequent repairs. How often do you need repairs for your heater? If it is once every few years, your system is likely okay. However, if you need repairs almost every year, it means that your system is on its way out.
  4. Your repair bills are just too expensive. The price of your repair needs is going to be an indicator of trouble too. If the repair bill could pay for half or more of a new system, then you are better off investing in a new heater.
  5. Your heater can’t keep up anymore. Last but certainly not least you should make sure to replace your system if it simply can’t keep your home warm anymore. A heater that doesn’t heat anything is as useful as an AC that doesn’t cool the house–that is, they aren’t useful at all!

Are you noticing these warning signs? If so, make sure to reach out to us to get started on replacing your heater with a more effective system.

Come to Our Team For Your New Heater

Looking for a team you can trust to get your heating system replaced and installed? You can rely on us to get the job done. Elliott-McElwee, Inc. was founded in 1980 and we are focused on providing the best residential and commercial services throughout the Egg Harbor Township. All of our technicians are NATE and EPA-certified.

Schedule your service with Elliott-McElwee, Inc. Your comfort is our business.

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