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5 Ways To Help Your Heater Out This Season

You have many months ahead of cold temperatures and your heater is going to have plenty of work to do. You deserve to enjoy effective and efficient heating from your system. But is there anything you can do to help your heater out in the coming months?

The answer is that yes there is! Employing the tips we’ve listed here is a great way to get the best comfort from your heater and even reduce the stress the system has to endure.

5 Tips to Help Get The Best Performance From Your Heater

Looking for any ways to get the best performance from your heater this season? Here are five different best practices that will help you do just that.

  1. Let the natural light in. You probably heard that closing the blinds during the summer is a great way to stay cooler, and it is. That is why we are encouraging you to do the opposite as things cool off. Natural sunlight carries a lot of heat so why not let it warm up your home? This helps you stay warmer and reduces the amount of work your heater has to do.
  2. Keep your thermostat at a moderate setting. It can feel tempting to drive up the temperature on your thermostat but this will eventually leave you overheated and looking at a far higher energy bill than necessary. Throw on a sweater and tone down the temperature on the thermostat. Leaving it around 65 degrees leaves you reasonably comfortable while minimizing the stress on your heater and keeping your energy bills affordable.
  3. Make sure vents and air handlers are clean and clear. Having anything blocking your air vents or air handlers can have a bigger impact on your heater than you might think. If there is dust, decor, or furniture blocking these necessary “exits” it can hinder your comfort and strain your heater. Make sure to wipe down your vents and check that none of your vents or air handlers are blocked by any home decor items.
  4. Check for any air leaks. If you have air leaks around your doors or windows, it is worth sealing them. These air leaks let warmth escape, driving up the amount of energy your heater will need to keep you comfortable. Thankfully air leaks can be addressed with caulk or weatherstripping, allowing you to “seal” your home.
  5. Get your heater maintained. Lastly, make sure to remember to get your annual maintenance appointment scheduled for your heater. This is one of the best things you can do to help your heater perform optimally through fall, winter, and beyond. Maintenance also ensures you get the maximum number of years from your heating system too.

When you can’t quite seem to get the effectiveness and efficiency that you might get from your system, it may mean you need to reach out to an expert for heating services in Northfield. When you need expert services, you can come to our team for help.

Contact Elliott-McElwee, Inc. to get help with your heater. Your comfort is our business 

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