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3 Noises You Don’t Want Your Furnace to Make


The wind is rattling the windows and the thermostat is making you glad you have nowhere to go today. It’s days like these that you are glad you have a reliable furnace keeping your home warm.

This makes it that much worse when your furnace suddenly stops being as reliable as usual and leaves you chilly.

It is possible to avoid a system breakdown like this though. Just watch out for the warning signs that something is up with your furnace so you know when to reach out for furnace repair in Northfield, NJ. Warning signs can range from the obvious to the discreet. Some of the most common indicators of a furnace heater in need are the sudden occurrence of strange noises.

3 Sounds You Don’t Want to Hear From Your Furnace

There are, of course, more than three concerning sounds that your furnace might make. However, these are some of the sounds that you don’t want to ignore when you hear them coming from this heating system.

  1. Screeching or squealing. Hearing this noise from your heater is likely to grate on the ears. While unpleasant, the hard-to-ignore nature of this noise is going to prompt you to get repairs sooner than later which is a good thing. This is a sound usually created by metal-on-metal contact such as with a loose blower wheel or a blower motor belt in need of lubrication.
  2. Rattling: Sometimes rattling isn’t too great a cause for concern. For example, rattling can indicate parts that are simply coming loose within your furnace (which is still worth a call to your local technician). The other issue that rattling indicates is a growing crack within your furnace’s heat exchanger. If this is the cause, you really want to get a pro to check out your furnace for the sake of your system’s wellbeing and yours.
  3. Booming: Does it sound like there is a small explosion when you try to run your gas furnace? If so, you’ll need to get your furnace repaired ASAP. That booming noise really is being caused by a small explosion. Dirty burners will cause the build-up of gas in your furnace which, when ignited, creates that boom. As you can imagine this is never good for your furnace. A professional can help address this problem.

Our Team Can Provide Your Furnace Repairs

Is your furnace creating any of the three concerning noises we’ve listed above? Or maybe it is exhibiting other signs of trouble such as reduced airflow or poor heating power. In any of these cases it is well worth it to reach out to our team for your furnace repairs. We are a local team staffed by professionals who know how to assess and address the issues that your furnace is dealing with. It is our goal to do everything possible to get your system working again so you can get the reliable heating power you need.

Your comfort is our business. Contact the team at Elliott-McElwee, Inc. to get your repair service scheduled.

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