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3 End-of-Season Repairs Your Heater May Have

It feels like we are closer and closer to warmer weather again each day. But even while the forecast may show that more friendly weather is on its way, we still have to deal with the chilly nights until the temperature increases. This is one of the many reasons we are encouraging you to schedule that end-of-season heating repair in Egg Harbor Township.

We know that booking repairs for your heater at this point may not feel like something you want to prioritize. Right now you’re probably trying to think ahead and prepare your air conditioner to take over. But this doesn’t mean that you should let issues in your heater go unresolved.

Here are some common end-of-season heating system repairs that pop up around here. See if any of these sound familiar and discover why addressing them now is your best choice.

3 Late Repair Needs To Watch For

  • Dry parts that need lubrication: It has been a long cold season and your heater has worked hard. Just like the belts in your car motor, after a while your heater’s motor belts may have gotten dry. This can leave them prone to cracking so make sure to check them and get them lubricated if you hear screeching or squealing noises.
  • Broken or cracked belts or blades: Have you been hearing rattling sounds or noticing that your airflow through the home isn’t what it used to be? This might be due to problems with cracked motor belts or cracked/broken fan blades. Issues like these can make it hard for your heater to get air flowing properly through the system and into your house.
  • Dirt build-up in burners or on coils: No HVAC system filter is going to be able to capture every dust mote flying through the air. This is why dirt build-up can and will become an issue in your heater eventually. Dirt collecting on a heat pump’s indoor coil, a furnace’s burners, or an electrical furnace’s heating coil, are all going to create problems that require expert repair.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Perhaps you feel confident that you can get by with your heater functioning at less-than-its-best for the rest of the season. You don’t really think it is worth it to get repairs at this stage. However, we urge you not to wait.

Even if you barely use your heater over the coming weeks, the issue that the system is battling will escalate and worsen if not addressed. This can leave you with a heater that will need a far pricier repair at the start of the next fall season or, worse, a heater that can’t function at all.

Repairs provided by a professional can ensure your heater wraps up the season right so you don’t have to worry. Reach out to get those repair needs fixed now rather than waiting until next year.

Need a fix for your heater? Contact the experts at Elliott-McElwee, Inc. for your next service appointment. Your comfort is our business. That’s why we’ve stuck around since 1980!

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