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The Scary Results of DIY Commercial HVAC Work

You are very hands-on and involved with running your business. Your employees and your customers know that they can rely on you. But this doesn’t mean you should be doing everything by yourself.

There are certain situations when you are going to want to rely on other professionals to get the job done. One of those situations is when you need help with your commercial HVAC system.

If something comes up within your facility’s AC or heater, then it is your best option to reach out for expert commercial HVAC services in Vineland, NJ. We’ll explain more about why in this blog post.

Why DIY Work Backfires

We understand why many people would want to try to DIY the maintenance or repairs on their commercial systems. However, this can and usually will backfire on anyone without the proper training and licensure. Here’s what can happen if DIY work goes wrong…and why it is always better to work with a professional instead.

  • More Damage: Doing DIY work seems like it solves the problem at a lower cost when the opposite is more often true. In most cases, DIY work can actually end up leading to additional damage to the HVAC system because it was handled wrong.
  • Loss of Warranty: If your commercial system was installed by a trained and licensed professional it should come with a warranty. This warranty helps to keep maintenance and repair costs minimal for a large amount of the system’s lifespan. Unfortunately, DIY work can lead to the warranty being voided. This means that you run the risk of not only causing further damage to your system but also losing the chance of the cost of service being covered.
  • Loss of Insurance: Last but not least, DIY work can actually run the risk of causing a loss of insurance for your commercial space. We don’t have to tell you how costly and bothersome this can be.
  • Loss of Time: This may seem like a minor inconvenience at first but it adds up. The time it takes to figure out what you think is wrong and then research what you think the solution is can end up taking hours. That’s the time that you could be spending handling your business while a technician took care of things. What’s worse is there is more time to be lost if the repair is done wrong!

The Difference Professional Service Makes

As you can see, DIY work comes with more risks attached than rewards, especially when it involves your commercial HVAC system. Rather than risking a huge loss of money and time, you can just get the job taken care of by a professional.

A trained technician knows how to service your commercial HVAC system properly. This is because we know how to handle all of the systems around and have the tools to diagnose and address every issue.

When you need help keeping your commercial space comfortable, then you can contact Elliott-McElwee, Inc. to get things back in working order. Your comfort is our business.

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