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What Does It Take To Size an AC?


The summers in our area are nothing to scoff at. You need a reliable AC unit in your home to help keep things temperate on sweltering days. But even if you have the most efficient air conditioning system possible in your home, if it was installed improperly, it won’t offer the help you truly need.

Getting an expert AC installation in Vineland, NJ will ensure that you have a system that works correctly for the longest amount of time. There are plenty of reasons that you need a professional to perform your installation–one of which is that they know how to correctly size your AC.

Let us explain why the sizing is so important to your air conditioning system so you know why professional service is your best option.

What Does Sizing Mean For Your Air Conditioner?

When we talk about sizing an air conditioner, we aren’t talking about the amount of space the physical unit takes up in your home. What we are discussing is the amount of power that is required for your system to cool down your home effectively.

Sizing for an air conditioner is measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units and translated into tons (ie. 1 ton = 12,000 BTUs) and refers to the amount of energy needed to cool down one square foot of air in your home.

What Does It Take To Calculate Sizing For Your System

Calculating the size of air conditioner that you need for your home isn’t as simple as choosing between small medium and large. You need to have the right tools and need to know how to make the necessary calculations based on factors.

A technician is trained to make load calculations that take into account the number of doors and windows in your home, the size of your space, how large your attic is, the quality of your insulation, the SEER and EER ratings of your system, and more. Taking all of these factors into account, your technician can properly size your air conditioner so that it provides the right amount of cooling power and operates efficiently and effectively.

What Happens When Your Air Conditioner Is Sized Improperly?

Don’t be fooled, an undersized or oversized system isn’t going to be less costly or more effective. An AC that is undersized won’t use up less energy, it will actually have to run for longer and eat up more resources in an effort to meet cooling demands. In contrast, an oversized unit will cool the area around the indoor unit far more quickly, often leaving the rest of the home uncomfortable and tanking your energy efficiency at the same time.

When it comes to sizing an AC, you will want to work with a technician to make sure yours is side just right. Incorrect sizing can easily lead to poor comfort, frequent repair needs, and even the requirement to replace your system early. Having a professional perform your installation and sizing saves you time, money, and trouble later on.

Contact Elliott-McElwee, Inc. for your next AC service. Your comfort is our business. 

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