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Help Your Heat Pump Now For Year-Round Comfort

Do you have a heat pump in your house? If so, then you are likely somewhat familiar with how helpful these systems can be. After all, they can transfer heat in and out of the house!

Just because this system can serve you all year doesn’t mean it is going to do so without a small amount of help. In the same way that you want to drive your car properly to ensure it lasts a long time, you want to keep your heat pump in good condition in order to help it do its job well for as long as possible.

We want to help you keep your home comfortable which is why we have provided these tips to ensure that your heat pump is able to stay in good working order.

Use best practices for temperature setting

Throughout the year, it is best for your energy bills and your heat pump’s longevity to use best practices when setting the temperature. That means not setting it too low on a hot day and not setting it too high on a cold day.

So, what’s the range you should stick to?

During the summer season, make sure not to set your heat pump more than 20° below the outside temperature. This is because the temperature differential will stop the system from going lower than this anyways and setting the temperature further below will lead to problems with the system.

During the winter, try to keep your heater set above 58° to keep your home’s pipes safe. Beyond this, you’ll likely want to stick to that 20° differential here too. This is less because of the temperature differential and more because that big of a difference in temperature is huge during the wintertime. Even 5° warmer in a room makes a difference!

Make sure to schedule maintenance twice a year

Your heat pump has the unique ability to both cool and heat your home. That means that this one system can perform the work of two! While this is great news for saving space and energy, it doesn’t mean that the system won’t need upkeep.

In fact, because a heat pump works all year long, it actually needs twice the amount of maintenance because it does twice the amount of work. That means it needs a tune-up once in spring and once in fall, relatively speaking. Just make sure that you have a professional be the one to provide your HVAC system maintenance in Egg Harbor Township.

Ensure that your heat pump’s filter is changed on a regular basis

The filter of any HVAC system is highly important because it keeps the system clear of larger amounts of dust and debris. That debris can easily create problems for the functionality of the system and can even lead to a breakdown if not dealt with early enough. Make sure to change out your system filter every one to three months to keep the airflow going into your system as debris-free as possible.

Of course, all the best practices in the world won’t stop every problem. If your heat pump has really started to struggle lately, make sure to come to a professional team like ours to get the issue resolved.

Need heat pump services in Egg Harbor Township? Contact the team Elliott-McElwee, Inc. to get started. Your comfort is our business.

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